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What is MyHack all about?

MYHACK is a merging of minds to develop evidence based solutions to contemporary issues of primary concern. The event brings together groups of young people (Hack Teams) to utilise their skills, knowledge and knowhow to develop innovative solutions to countering violent extremism.

The MYHACK process is made up of three unique stages where the practice of design thinking is used to generate new products through a process which translates understanding and ideas into tangible outcomes.

How does it work?

How does MyHack work?


Based on the principles of design thinking.


Delivered on the basis of the Hackathon process.


Hack Teams test, iterate and refine prototype solutions as minimally viable products.


Winning team collects lump sum to transform their product into a fully-functioning model.

The MyHack Process

  • Loop

    Teams formulate problems and conduct their research to develop their understanding and insights. Each team will get a knowledge expert to help them coordinate and develop these insights into concepts and ideas that will drive the evolution of practical solutions.

  • Hack

    The teams literally Hack a solution which involves testing, iterating and refining prototypes as minimally viable products.

  • Crack

    The teams pitch their prototypes to a high-level audience and select judges at a fundraising event. The winning team will win the proceedings to realise their prototype into a fully functional model.


Australian Government

This project is supported by the Australian Government.


MYHACK is a subsidiary of PaVE and an entity wholly owned by PaVE.

Cocktail Fundraiser

The MYHACK concludes with a cocktail function where each of the teams are to pitch their prototype services and for the audience to vote for the most promising idea. The team that garners the most support collects the proceeds from the function to incubate and help realise their initiative as a functioning model.

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The MYHACK will visit every major city in Australia and we are looking for the brightest young minds to be involved in our Hack Teams.

To apply, send your CV to

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